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Independence, United States
At Upworthy, our mission is to drive massive amounts of attention to the topics that matter most. We create stories that are both meaningful and shareable (that's the definition of “Upworthy”) and strategically design our stories to have the best chance of going viral. We focus on stories that make the world a better place, by covering stories on subjects like diversity, human rights, the environment, relationships, labor and work, science, health and families. 
The Role: Writer
You’re fast. You have incredible instincts for how the Internet will respond to the conversation of the moment, and believe that together, we can move that conversation in a direction that makes the world a better place. You know how to move quickly and take advantage of those moments as they come.
You’re good at what you do, and you believe in good, too. You believe that the world can be a better place and that stories are a powerful tool in making it that way.
You’re a talented storyteller.  You have a sharp eye for storytelling in all forms on the Internet including writing, visual communication, and savvy packaging. You are flexible in your voice and writing style, and can jump into trending topics to highlight the most important angles and ideas with ease. 
A fantastic Upworthy writer is self-motivated and accountable, thrives on teamwork in an online environment, is focused on the big picture but can break it down into actionable pieces, and is passionate about furthering Upworthy’s mission. Our writers work with the editorial team to develop, improve, and evolve our writing model, including reporting processes, workflow, and communications.
What a Writer Does At Upworthy
  • Monitors the Internet for topics, events and ideas that Upworthy can uniquely elevate, or respond to.
  • Pitches ideas for original stories and angles on current trends that help elevate the public conversation.
  • Fearlessly takes on any story assignment from their editor.
  • Quickly builds story packages by developing thumbnails, headlines, and other clickable, shareable visual and verbal elements for each story.
  • As time allows, optimizes the story package via rigorous testing. Tracks and improves qualitative and quantitative results over time.
  • Enjoys a generally flexible work schedule, but is available to work scheduled shifts (occasionally on evenings or weekends) to cover live events and respond to breaking stories, as assigned.
  • Is able to write between 5 to 7 stories a week; meets any and all requirements as set by the editors.
  • Is a supportive and reliable member of the larger editorial team.
The Ideal Candidate…
  • Is fast but detail oriented. Responds quickly. Writes clean copy. Willing to take on any story and make it soar.
  • Flexible. Willing to roll with changes to processes or goals, and eager to learn and employ new skills
  • Has strong virtual communication skills and is a calm team player under tight deadline pressure
  • Has a vibrant, active presence on social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.
  • Is a proactive communicator and a professional self-starter. We work remotely, so you must be comfortable managing your own schedule, workload and communicating frequently in Slack, email and video chat.
  • Has 2+ years professional experience in at least one of the following areas:
             Journalism / reporting / writing / editing 
             Comedy writing / songwriting 
             Spoken word / performance / acting / improv
             Copywriting / marketing / online marketing / advertising
             Social media
Additional Considerations:
  • Upworthy highly values all aspects of diversity! Candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply!
Why It’s So Great To Work At Upworthy
You'll be paid competitively and get a stake in the company. We're mission-driven, but we're also a well-funded for-profit venture. All full-timers are offered equity.
Work from anywhere. Upworthy has no central office; we collaborate entirely online. You can work from basically anywhere with Internet, in time zones that match up with the United States. 
Take vacation when you need it. You'll have unlimited time off — we enforce a minimum, not a maximum, in fact. We even give you a vacation bonus to encourage you to take a really nice vacation from time to time and recharge fully.
Stay healthy. We offer everyone a free, high-quality, no-deductible health insurance plan, as well as dental and vision benefits. And we encourage work-life balance and ergonomic precautions for all.
We <3 families. Work from home. We have a generous parental leave policy for men and women alike.
Save for the future. We offer a 401(k) plan to all full-time employees who have completed six months with us.
...and many additional perks!
We’re Deep Believers In Equal Opportunity
At Upworthy, we believe that the diversity of ideas, experiences, and cultures that our employees contribute to our company is our greatest advantage, and we are proud to be an inclusive and equal-opportunity workplace where all applicants and employees are considered for hire, promotion, and job status without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical handicap.
To Apply: This is a writing position, so show off your writing talents! Please include a cover letter showing us that you can write in a voice that would shine at Upworthy. You'd be surprised how many people don't read these instructions and skip this step!