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New York, United States


At Andela, we find the brightest young people in Africa, train them to be world-class developers and connect them with employers around the world seeking top technical talent. Passion, excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and determination to improve the status quo are only a few of the many resources the remarkable Andela team brings with them.


Want to join us at Andela to change the world, but not sure how you would fit on the team based on our current openings?

We are constantly on the hunt for new people, but a lot of times it is difficult to assess how people will be great contributors based on their backgrounds.  Here is your chance to tell us how you can be!

Before submitting, just remember: we are most excited about people who can take initiative, prove that they can bring value to our team, and show that they have some startup hustle by calling their unique skills to our attention.  In other words, don't let this prompt be a limit.  Rather, let it be a guide as to what you need to show to prove that you would be an awesome addition to Andela.  So feel free to contact us by other means about how you can change the world with us!