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Editor Interview Questions

Prepare for your Editor interview. Understand the required skills and qualifications, anticipate the questions you may be asked, and study well-prepared answers using our sample responses.

Interview Questions for Editor

Are you familiar with the types of software used in the film editing industry?

What are some of the most important skills that film editors should have?

How would you describe the editing process?

What is your experience with working with film directors?

Provide an example of a time when you had to make a difficult decision regarding the edits you made to a film.

If a director sent you a clip with instructions to make a specific edit, how would you respond if you felt the edit they requested was not appropriate for the scene?

What would you do if you were working on a project and a producer or director requested an edit that you felt harmed the overall quality of the film?

How well do you perform under pressure?

Do you have experience working with a team of editors to complete a project on time?

When working with an actor, how do you determine the best shots to use in the final edit?

We want to encourage creativity among our editors. How would you approach a project where you were free to experiment with different editing techniques?

Describe your process for reviewing and selecting shots for a project.

What makes a good cut?

Which editing software programs are you most familiar with?

What do you think is the most important aspect of film editing?

How often do you make mistakes when editing?

There is a noticeable error in one of your edits. How do you handle it?

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