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Back-end Software Engineer Interview Questions

Prepare for your Back-end Software Engineer interview. Understand the required skills and qualifications, anticipate the questions you may be asked, and study well-prepared answers using our sample responses.

  1. Are you comfortable working with a team of engineers to complete a project?
  2. What are some of the most important skills for a back-end software engineer to have?
  3. How would you approach designing a new back-end system for an existing product or service?
  4. What is your experience with writing code in a high-load environment?
  5. Provide an example of a time when you had to troubleshoot a bug in your code.
  6. If hired, what would be your primary focus as a back-end software engineer?
  7. What would you do if you noticed a bug in your code but couldn’t figure out how to fix it?
  8. How well do you understand the use of databases in software development?
  9. Do you have experience working with cloud-based solutions?
  10. When is it appropriate to use procedural programming languages?
  11. We want to improve our customer support capabilities through automation. How would you go about doing this?
  12. Describe your process for testing your code before deployment.
  13. What makes object-oriented programming languages useful for back-end software engineers?
  14. Which programming languages do you have the most experience with?
  15. What do you think is the most important aspect of code documentation?
  16. How often do you perform code reviews?
  17. There is a high volume of traffic on our back-end system and it’s starting to slow down. What is your strategy for improving performance?
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